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Corran Horn Info

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Horn, who has become one of the most capable Jedi of Luke Skywalker's new order, grew up never knowing his true heritage. He was the son of Hal Horn, a respected law enforcement officer in CorSec. The young Horn followed in his father's footsteps, becoming a police officer with an impressive record.
His skill was bolstered by an affinity for the Force flowing through his bloodline. What Corran didn't know was that he was a descendant of Keiran Halcyon, one of the greatest Corellian Jedi. Nejaa Halcyon, Corran's grandfather, perished in the Clone Wars, but was survived by his son Valin. During the rise of the Empire, the Jedi order was extinguished by agents of the new government, and Valin was kept hidden. Nejaa's widow married a friend of the family, Rostek Horn, and the two renamed their son Hal Horn to protect the infant's identity.
During his career in CorSec, Corran partnered with his father on assignments. The two often butted heads with Imperial Liaison Officer Kirtan Loor. On one tragic mission, Hal Horn was killed by bounty hunter Bossk. Much to Corran's disgust, Loor looked the other way and let Bossk escape the law. Corran believed that Loor was somehow involved in the murder, but was never able to prove his suspicions.
After the collapse of the Empire at the Battle of Endor, Horn grew increasingly disillusioned with the Imperial presence on Corellia. Not wanting to be a victim of Loor's treachery, Horn and fellow officers Iella Wessiri and Gil Bastra covertly fled Corellia.Horn absconded with his green-trimmed CorSec X-wing fighter and his faithful astromech droid, Whistler. The pair laid low on Garqi before making contact with the fledgling New Republic.
Corran was such a capable pilot that he drew the attention of Wedge Antilles, the famed Rebel pilot and leader of the legendary Rogue Squadron. It wasn't long before Horn was flying as a Rogue, spearheading such important missions as the liberation of Coruscant from Imperial rule.
During these events, Horn grew closer to Mirax Terrik, a smuggler with ties to the Republic. The two fell in love and married. A short time later, Mirax was kidnapped. Desperate to rescue his beloved, Horn joined Luke Skywalker's Jedi academy to hone his burgeoning Force talents. Upon discovering leads to Mirax's abductors, Horn impetuously left the academy, and freed his wife from a rogue Imperial Moff-turned-pirate.
Corran continued to balance his talents as a Jedi and pilot. When the Galactic Civil War formally came to a close with the signing of an historic peace accord between the Republic and the Imperial Remnant, Horn finally retired. He became a family man, raising his Force-sensitive children Valin and Jysella.
The peace was short-lived, as the Yuuzhan Vong invasion began shortly thereafter. Early during the crisis, Horn and fellow Jedi Ganner Rhysode were dispatched to the distant world of Bimmiel, where Yuuzhan Vong incursions were reported. Horn desecrated the remains of a long-dead Vong warrior, bringing down the wrath of that warrior's descendent, Shedao Shai. The hatred between Shai and Horn intensified in a one-on-one duel. An entire planet hanged in the balance -- Shedao Shai promised to spare the world of Ithor should Horn defeat him.
The battle was heated, and the dark side of the Force beckoned to Horn. Corran killed the Yuuzhan Vong, but Shai's treacherous aide continued with the destruction of Ithor regardless. The annihilation of the verdant and peaceful world was a polarizing shockwave that spread throughout the galaxy. The Yuuzhan Vong menace was all the more real, and many blamed the Jedi -- and Corran Horn specifically -- for the sundering of the Ithorian homeworld.
To diminish the backlash, Horn went into hiding. He quietly continued helping the Jedi order in its struggle against the Yuuzhan Vong and a galaxy ready to turn on them.

CorrelliaHumanMale 1.67 metersDual-Phase LightsaberX-WingJedi, Rogue Sqaudron

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