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Brakiss Info

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The tragic words of Obi-Wan Kenobi long haunted Luke Skywalker when he took it upon himself to train a new generation of Jedi Knights. That such a powerful and gifted Jedi Knight as Obi-Wan could fail and produce an abomination such as Darth Vader was a terrifying notion. It was many years before Skywalker felt comfortable enough to take on students. His success is undeniable, but along the path to rebuilding the order, there are tragic examples of those who have fallen from the light.
Thus is the case with Brakiss. Discovered as an infant during the Imperial occupation of Msst, the Force-sensitive child was taken into the custody of the Empire's Inquisitors. He failed to qualify for service as one of the Emperor's select agents, but the Inquisitors forged him to be a weapon for their own using.
During his sheltered upbringing, the galaxy turned itself inside out. The Empire was toppled, first with the death of Palpatine and the scuttling of the fleet at Endor, and then with the eventual reclamation of Coruscant and establishment of the New Republic. After the collapse of the resurrected Emperor's campaign to snuff out the Republic, the few surviving members of the Inquisitorius learned of Luke Skywalker's Jedi academy on Yavin 4.
Brakiss' masters forged a plausible background for him, and sent him to the Academy, so that their dark pupil could unsettle the new Jedi order from within. Skywalker accepted Brakiss, and saw through his falsified history. He knew full well of Brakiss' agenda, but he saw great potential and the good in Brakiss' heart. Skywalker sought to turn him from the dark side.
Brakiss underwent a pivotal Jedi trial under Skywalker's tutelege. Brakiss confronted the darkness within and his spirit was broken by what he encountered. Shamed, he fled the academy. The fugitive Jedi encountered another fallen student of Skywalker's, an angry youth named Dolph. Brakiss joined Dolph's campaign of terror against the New Republic. Based on the droid-manufacturing moon of Telti, Brakiss oversaw the secret installation of countless bombs into droids destined throughout the galaxy. Several of these droids detonated in the heart of the New Republic Senate.
Consumed by guilt over the tragedy, Brakiss fled while the New Republic brought Dolph to justice. Brakiss attempted to reestablish ties with Imperial warlords in the heart of the Galactic Core. Again, the galaxy underwent seismic political changes, as the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant signed an historic peace accord.
Despite the cease in hostilities, there were those in the Core who refused to let the violence die. These struggling warlords reformed under the banner of the Second Imperium, with the Shadow Academy as the centerpiece. It was to be a training ground for a new generation of Dark Jedi, led by Brakiss. Drawing their ranks from disillusioned Force-sensitives and Dathomirian Nightsisters, the Shadow Academy struck at Luke Skywalker's Jedi order.
The young Jedi Knights Jacen and Jaina Solo tangled with the Shadow Academy on numerous occasions. The Shadow Academy was ultimately defeated, and Brakiss died in the conflict.

MsstHumanMale 1.83 meters LightsaberSecond Imperium, Jedi

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